IT network infrastructure at a banking, financial services, or insurance company (BFSI), solution needs to allow the team of IT professionals to increase network security and take control of everything that is happening across the infrastructure and workforce. At the same time, an application and desktop delivery software must provide employees instant and easy access to the data they need to provide a first-class experience for customers.
BFSI organizations are under immense pressure to respond to new compliance mandates and cybersecurity threats while implementing technologies that support the business.
On the other hand, providing customers and employees with anytime access to internal and customer-facing resources promotes flexibility. IT innovations in fields such as mobile, the cloud, the Internet, and security are supporting the way people work and how consumers interact with services at banks, stock brokerages, investment funds, insurance companies, consumer credit organizations, and other financial sector companies. The challenge is to make these innovations available without affecting the business or requiring significant investment on the part of the BFSI institution.

BFSI primarily requires

  • Protects business and customer data
  • Must be easy to use and maintain
  • Delivers business and legacy applications to major devices
  • Reduces IT infrastructural costs and complexity
  • Ensures business continuity for both customers and employees

Below are some of the benefits to any BFSI institution when IT departments invest in modern virtualization IT infrastructure


  • Security and Centralization of Data
  • Scalability and Control
  • Reduce Overhead
  • Guarantee Business Continuity
  • Avoid Expensive Hardware Bills

SMARTSTATION provides solution for Endpoint for Virtualization and Cloud computing using our Thin Clients and Mini PCs,with Win 10 IOT Operating system, very Robust and stable environment provided with all needed securities at very low cost.

With very small foot print, reduces CO2 emission and reduces power consumption too.

SMARTSTATION also provides customized solution on various processing capabilities, ports configuration and on Operating systems with Centralized management capabilities.

We have done work with Various Prominent BFSI in the last few years

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