Experience the future of productivity with SMARTSTATION. Elevate your workspace with cutting-edge technology, sleek design, and seamless integration. Boost efficiency, stay organized, and redefine your work experience. Watch our product video for a glimpse into the SMARTSTATION revolution


Revolutionize Your Workspace with SMARTSTATION Micro PC.
Micro PCs for Every Need.

Versatile and efficient, our Micro PC is perfect for SMEs, corporate, SOHOs, hospitals, and education, optimizing productivity in diverse environments.

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SMART Fanless PC 

A high-performance Fanless PC,
Ideal for industrial and automation

Elevate industrial and automation operations with our high-performance Fanless PC. Silent and robust, it excels in challenging environments, ensuring optimal efficiency. Redefine industrial computing with cutting-edge technology.

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SMART Customize PC

Customized Box PC 
A Fanless, Compact & Rugged Structured

Discover our Customized Box PC - a fanless, compact, and rugged solution for diverse applications. Tailored to meet your needs, it delivers reliability in a sleek design

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Smart OPS is a truly innovative "slot-in" System, for IFP.

Smart OPS is an 80-pin JAE Connector base truly innovative " slot-in" System. For Interactive Panels.
Suitable For Conference Room, E-classrooms, Shopping Malls, Retail Sites

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